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Pneumatic Monitoring System - ATEX Compliant

Pneumatic Monitoring System - ATEX

Compliant with:

ATEX Category 3

 II 3G Ex nA II T5 X 0°C ≤ Ta ≤ 50°C
 II 3D tD A22 IP67 T53°C X

Key features/uses:

Designed to be a monitoring system in positions where there is a risk that hands could be placed near dangerous moving parts, such as rotary valves and rotating knives.

A simple to install system that pumps pressurised air between the silicone cuff of the BFM connector and the spigot.

Air-line sensors immediately detect if this outward pressure is released as the connector cuff begins to pushed inwards and sets off an alarm and/or shuts off any moving parts below.

Features two pressure sensor switch/displays, and a tamper-proof gauge.

Can be used as a positional sensor to ensure all connectors in a large plant are installed correctly at all times.


Recommended Retail Price: US$545 / €470

BFM® Part No: 10401


Also available in an IP65 option.

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